May 16, 2009

Tenacatita boogie boarding and a croc attack in Boca de Iguanas

TENACATITA BEACH, Jalisco, Mexico - After days of sampling the city life in La Manzanilla, we returned to Arroyo Seco Sunday to get ready for a trip to Puerto Vallarta, where we will be dropping off our amigos Randy and Karin at the airport. But on the way from La Manzanilla we diverted to Tenacatita Beach for some swimming, seafood, and - of course - some boogie boarding action.

The waves were down appreciably from a week ago when the southerly swell was driving huge breakers on the swimming beach.

But they were big enough today for plenty of interesting rides.

Intrepid surfers
Intrepid surfers head out for adventure

Randy rides
Randy rides right to shore

Before leaving La Manzanilla, we discovered that the sailboat that had washed ashore a couple of days ago was reportedly owned by some people in La Manzanilla who had taken it out to Tenacatita to scuttle the vessel.

The vessel had other ideas and despite the gaping holes in it, stayed afloat. Sunday town workers used a backhoe and other implements of destruction to break up the boat and haul it off in a dump truck.

We were told that the boat was taken out and sunk in an effort to make it a marine habitat. Unfortunately, now it will become part of the landfill instead and the owners will likely get stuck with a bill to pay the guys who took it away.

Sailboat loaded onto dump truck
Picking up the chunks of the smashed boat

In the meantime, the La Manzanilla message board has several postings today about a crocodile incident in the lagoon by Boca de Iguanas.

A labrador retriever was killed (and presumably eaten) right in front of a family.

Here's a link to the posting:
  • Croc attack in Boca

  • Couple checks out crocodile
    Tourists last year, getting up close and personal

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