May 5, 2009

Buying a lot in Mexico? Buy the fencing to enclose it, too

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - One of the most important things a new landowner needs to do in Mexico is build a stout fence as soon as they take possession. As in right away. As in yesterday, if possible.

It's the fences that let the rest of the community see that someone is staking claim. And if you don't stake claim, it's entirely possible someone else will come along, put up a little fencing of their own, and then say the property (or a part of it) is theirs.

And so just a few weeks before we had back to upstate New York, we are tackling our beach lot to get it in shape for fencing - something we should have done last May before we left. And yes, a neighbor has been making noises about encroachment.

No mas!

Thirteen dump trucks later, plus several dozen posts and barbed wire (the wire will go up in the next few days) and we will have made our statement. Four strands of it, with damned sharp points.

We are not sure what we will do on the lot - maybe build a little beach palapa. But it's a great getaway spot and about 150 yards from surf in which to boogie-board.

Filling the lot - ocean view
Facing the ocean - access to La Playa is on the left

Filling the lot, street view
Admiral Fox surveys the fill application

The Admiral and I have two other undeveloped lots in town, one is fenced quite nicely, the other will get the fence treatment in the next few weeks before we leave. The unfenced piece is a small lot on the top of the ridge near the Pink Flamingo and is my favorite. It has views of the ocean in two directions, gets a fresh breeze almost always, and is very, very quiet. It has the added attraction of not having a road to it yet, so a trip to check it out makes my cardiologist very happy.

Next year, tal vez (perhaps), we might build a palapa - or even a small casita on that ridge. Next year...

Luis, Nena and their dogs
Luis, Nena and one of their pooches

While we stood around watching neighbors Chon and Nino do all the work on the beach lot, the Admiral and I chatted with Jim and Vickie (who hail from Texas). The couple is going to live in their beach house across the street year round from now on, after using the house for a few months per year.

And while we were chatting with them, our in-town neighors Luis and Nena roared up on Luis' quad, taking their four dogs on their daily exercise run. With Luis and Nena was their tiny Chihuahua. (Is saying tiny Chihuahua like saying jumbo shrimp?). The small dog runs the four large dogs around like a boot camp instructor.

And the tiny Chihuahua exhibited some other alpha dog characteristics while we had our conversations, as demonstrated in the video below.

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