May 8, 2010

In the not-so-wilds of Red Bank, New Jersey, with a wedding ahead

RED BANK, New Jersey, USA - The Admiral and I zoomed down the highway from Valois to New Jersey Friday so we could attend today's wedding of niece Marion Fitzgerald to her fiance Peter. The trip was quick and very quiet - thanks largely to Brother Dan lending us his Prius for the trip.

We averaged 55 miles per gallon for the 280-mile trip.

Red Bank was a nice surprise. I didn't expect it to be, well, so well done. I remember it from 20+ years ago and it was not the place it is today.

Then again, I've changed a little in 20 years, too.

The town is full of restaurants and neat places, and, best of all, a gorgeous waterfront on the Navesink River. We arrived late afternoon, had a quick beer on the deck and then headed out for pizza (and more beer, hydration is important) before returning back to our temporary, upscale housing for two days.

Our digs for the two nights, the Molly Pitcher Inn, has a beautiful marina right in front. Not too many boats set to go yet. But  Friday afternoon the marina was buzzing with owners washing and waxing their vessels.

They probably didn't see the forecast for today: thunderstorms, rain, and wind, followed by more thunderstorms, rain, and even more wind.

The hotel is very classy, but the beautiful swimming pool - shown in all the brochures and on the hotel's website, is closed and won't be open for weeks. So much for packing three swimsuits.

Closed for now - boo!

Today's wedding will be at a nearby church at 2:30 p.m. afternoon, with a reception to follow at a country club (also nearby). A shuttle is being provided for guests from the hotel to the reception later, which means Brother Dan's Prius will stay locked and loaded for our return to Valois Sunday.

Now, I just need to find all my wedding garb, assembled hastily by Adm. Fox in the last few days. And I also need to remember how to make a Windsor knot in my neck tie. It's been a long time.

Ah, the Internet has already provided...

How to tie a double Windsor

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