October 26, 2013

The film, 'The Dark Truth' tells, the dark truth, really

WATKINS GLEN, New York - The movie The Dark Truth popped up on Netflix Saturday night, a new addition to the stable of films the movie service has on demand.

Forest Whitaker
I like most Andy Garcia films, plus it featured Forest Whitaker, Eve Longoria and Kim Coates.

They are all good actors.

The movie didn't fulfill what the professional critics thought it should and so, regretfully, it was panned by most critics. That's how I got to see this 2013 film so quickly on Netflix.

But, the critics are dead-ass wrong. The movie isn't totally predictable (which critics hate!) and at the end of the movie, what you normally expect from this kind of quasi-action thriller doesn't happen.

A bad guy even switches sides at the last minute and helps save the heroes and the heroines. Holy Smokes Batman!
Andy Garcia

The movie actually is an important statement about corporate greed. And a major plotline of the movie is that a corporation is robbing citizens of a Third World country through control of the water supply. Well, hello America - that's already happening. And it will happen in the U.S. soon enough.

The Dark Truth is a good stay-at-home popcorn movie, available on Netflix but probably on Amazon and through Redbox outlets, too.

If you are against hydrofracking, check this movie out. It might give you some insight into what the gas companies have in store for all of us - in this country.

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