June 13, 2010

Could it be an attack of cabin fever - after just two days of rain?

VALOIS, New York, USA - The temperature is a reasonable 68 degrees, humidity about 97 percent (less reasonable) but after two days of on-and-off monsoon-style rainshowers, the Admiral and I are beginning to look at each other like two Alaska gold miners, locked in a creekside cabin for months in the middle of winter.

In other words, a little cabin fever is setting in, despite several social events. (Yes, we are spoiled from Mexico's all-sun, all-the-time weather.)

Last night we went out for dinner with Hector amigos and had a great time, ignoring the gray overcast.

And we did get out and socialize for an hour or so early today at the Hector Volunteer Fire Department's pancake breakfast. That's the place to go to catch up with neighbors. The bad news is the breakfasts are only one Sunday a month. The good news is the breakfasts are only one Sunday a month.

Why is that good news?

Well, I ingest enough bacon grease, cooking oil from the potatoes and sugar from the real NY maple syrup to break every health edict I am reading about in a book called Younger Every Year.

I'll restart the health regime tomorrow.

We did lower the cabin fever temporarily an hour ago with a long walk around the neighborhood, in between rain showers. Many neighbors were out, peering at the sky and wondering what happened to the 80+ degrees and sun we had all last week.

But no waterfront activities are on tap, unless the sun comes out and dries the path to the lake. It is slippery as snot (sorry) and traversing it is not recommended right after a rainstorm. Can't kayak - or sail - with a sprained ankle or busted butt.

Here's a short video of today's breakout walk from the house and into the fog...