June 17, 2010

Ready or not, summertime fun about to hit Seneca Lake this weekend

VALOIS, New York, USA - The north wind is blowing a steady 20 knots today, with gusts to 25, (and temperatures about 58 degrees, brrr...) but the weather forecast calls for calm winds and temperatures in the 80s starting tomorrow - and continuing all weekend on the southerly part of Seneca Lake.

And that's a great thing, because this weekend would seem to be the official/unofficial beginning of summer fun at the lake with a beach party Friday, cardboard boat races Saturday and Jen and Karl's wedding Sunday.

Monday has been officially declared Detox Day at this house. The cases of ginger ale stand ready.

Ready for departure
A dock party at Cousin Ruth's two years ago

The beach party is being thrown at the Guy Schamel house, just south of Peach Orchard Point and if it is anything like the floating party of two years ago - the weekend when Matt and Shannon Schamel were married - it will be a hoot.

This party is to celebrate Jen and Karl's impending nuptials and while it won't move from place to place, the Peach Orchard waterfront should be a lot of fun. The Schamel clan has plenty of water toys to keep party goers amused.

And keeping hydrated - in the expected hot sun - will be critical, of course.

The Spirit of Louise is likely to be pressed into service to get the Admiral and I the three miles to the party, depending on wind. Or perhaps we might take the Red Rocket sailboat. There's plenty of beach to leave the Red Rocket if sailing home isn't an option.

The nurses' entry in last year's Cardboard Boat Race

Saturday, the annual Cardboard Boat Race will be held in Watkins Glen inside the sheltering breakwater of the marina.

Last year the weather was simply miserable, with rain, wind and cold temperatures. Really cold temperatures...

But even at that, the participants seemed to have a great time, even those who barely made it away from the start line before shipping water and sinking. I got soaked in the rain and was freezing, but still enjoyed watching. It was a lot warmer than trying to swim to shore, dragging a soaked (and half-sunken) cardboard boat.

As with the Friday beach party, if the weather is good (and predictions say 90 degrees and sunny Saturday, woo-hoo), the Spirit of Louise might make a guest appearance at the marina. It would be a great deck to sit on while the racers paddle - or sink - nearby.

Boat tips over
That water was cold

And then Sunday afternoon, Jen and Karl will be getting married at the church in nearby Hector, followed by a reception in Watkins Glen at a beautiful new hotel on the waterfront.

If the reception is half as much fun as the partying at Jen's sister Kate's wedding several years ago, it will be a great capper for the weekend. Then again, now that the family already had one wedding, this could be twice as much fun as the cavorting when Kate and Steve were married.

The Admiral and I will be prepared for everything but doing the Chicken Dance at the reception. The Hokey-Pokey might be ok. But the Chicken Dance? No way...

I'll also get to continue field testing my new combination still/video camera again to document the event - between trips to the dance floor, of course.

And if the Chicken Dance does sneak in, well, there will be video.

Admiral, Karl & Jen
Karl, Jen and the Admiral in Mexico

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