June 13, 2011

A quiet night in Hector? Not at the Rasta Ranch Winery

HECTOR, New York, USA - Monday nights have traditionally been quiet in Valois and Hector, even in the summer.

Long summer weekends (that seem to start on Thursday evenings), can wear people out by Mondays.

But at the Rasta Ranch Winery, it seemed like a good idea to throw the doors open in the evenings for some music, wine and socializing.

And so it is that there are now Blues Mondays every week from 5-8 p.m. The time stretches a little longer if regular performer Brett Beardslee feels like winding up for a little longer.

Tonight Brett was on a roll, playing a lot of his own songs and keeping the crowd moving its feet.

Special guest Delta Mike Shaw was there, too, sitting in for a couple of songs.

Here's a brief video of tonight's music.

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