March 4, 2012

Countdown to Puerto Vallarta - and California and NY - begins

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - We leave in about a week for Puerto Vallarta for a two-week stay in some nice digs alongside Banderas Bay and where we will also probably spend more than a few days with granddaughter Sasha Fox.

I am taking several boogie boards with us so that Sasha and I and her grandmother can challenge the surf there while we wait for the start of the Banderas Bay regatta. I am not sure if Sasha has taken up boogie boarding yet. But she is three years old. Time is wasting.

Besides packing up the Pink Flamingo for the season, Adm. Fox and I have continued our Arroyo Seco adventures and explorations. Friday we went to visit the private school at Cuitzmala, just north of us, where we met with amiga Sandrine who teaches French and art there.

She will be going back to France for two months this summer, then back to Mexico sometime in August. Presently, the school has about 15 students - and five teachers.

Yes, five teachers. I like the odds.

We also stopped by at Sandrine's house, where her amigo Julian is busy retrofitting the Grey Goose Express.

We sold him the trailer earlier this spring which he hauled to Cuitzmala to work on. He started with little projects, tinkering around the edges to fix things. Then he took out the table and bed.

By the time we saw it Friday, well, the photos say how much work he has ahead of him.

When the trailer is finished, it will be moved to Julian and Sandrine's property about a block from us here in Arroyo Seco. Julian is already building a workshop and bodega - and eventually a ramada.

Today (Sunday) looks like another day on the beach, but only if the cool offshore wind stops blowing. It is overcast and if I was in New York, I would be pulling things under cover in anticipation of a rainstorm.

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