March 13, 2012

Road-widening project underway near new Costalegre airport

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - Admiral Fox and I rolled out of Arroyo Seco Monday, headed to Puerto Vallarta for a short stay - and to participate in the Banderas Bay Regatta next week.

But before we left Sunday, we quizzed some of the Arroyo Seco folks who seem the most knowledgeable about the road, lagoon and marina projects people are talking about.

On the Arroyo Seco beach, where it abuts the El Tecuan property, there are orange survey stakes in place, possibly indicating the site of a road.

But it was the news about when this supposed project(s) would take place that was the most interesting.

According to one Arroyo Seco village leader, the government is going great guns to get the airport north of Chamela operational. That is supposed to be phase one, he said. Second, the work on the lagoon, possibly linking it to the waterways leading all the way to Tenacatita. Third, the marina project will be done.

That was all spinning through my mind when we came past the airstrip on our way north.

Out in the middle of the wilderness (but within a few kilometers of the new airstrip), earth moving equipment is turning Highway 200 into a four-lane highway.

No, I am not kidding.

The construction zone is several kilometers long and they are working fast. I didn't see any signs of a new mall going in, so I suppose it is to serve the new airport.

My question is, what would they name an airport out there? Costalegre International?

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slamont said...

You had best guard your property or it may be gone when you return!