April 23, 2012

From summer to snow and then some more snow...

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - The forecast said there was a chance of snow, but I pushed it aside.

Come on, it's April 23, fer Chrissakes. Even here in Central New York, snow capital of, well, Central New York, snow on April 23 would be downright weird. Last Monday it was 85 degrees, people were boating and I was buying a new outboard for our sailboat, Crimson Tide. Today everyone is sweeping snow off their cars and nervously looking at the latest forecast.

It says we are likely to have several more days of snow. More days.


Neighbor's house with damaged tree

Adm. Fox spied the snow out the window in the middle of the night and shortly thereafter - in quick succession - I heard the snowplows out running and then a decided crash. I was pretty sure my hot tub enclosure had taken a tumble in the high winds that were making the trees all sway.

But no! (Gracias Dios!)

The crash was a big branch detaching itself from a tree across the street, landing smack across North Glen Avenue. Lucky for our new neighbors their cars were not parked there. They had been earlier in the day while they were moving furniture and other stuff inside in the cold rain that preceded the snowstorm.

Then an hour later, I heard someone out with a chainsaw clearing the street. From the looks of the tree, it's hollow inside the trunk... Might be some more chainsaw work in the next week or two.

The snow is coming down steady right now, not heavy, but steady. Sure wish I had put up a cover over the hot tub. It would nice to take a little dip in it this morning.

Hot tub needs some dusting off before we jump in

Plans for mowing, raking and doing outdoor work here at up at the Valois cottage are on the shelf until at least mid-week, unless the forecast changes - again - and summer returns.

My in-the-house to-do list has plenty of items to keep me quite occupied until the weather goes back to whatever passes for normal at Latitude 42.

Oh! And I just heard from the Admiral that it has stopped snowing, for the moment... Just time to don some snow boots and walk to the post office. But only if  I can find my snow boots, which I safely tucked away in some box, somewhere in the house about a week ago.


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