April 9, 2012

Last days in Sacramento - heading back to NY

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - I am not at all sure where the last two weeks went.

We arrived late on a Tuesday and tomorrow night will leave late for NY. The rest in-between is kind of a blur.

Part of that is probably due to my being sick with a stomach flu for four days. One day was the onset of the flu, the others recovery. But it put a kink in what we wanted to do. And my stomach is really just now back to normal.

Even at that, I was able to do one project that daughter Anne really wanted/needed at her Rancho Cordova house - a pergola.

Before she mentioned it, I wasn't really sure what a pergola is, but now I have built a custom version for her house that only needs some bamboo blinds to complete it.

The custom part is that it is probably one foot higher than the plans called for... But because of the way the sun hits the house - and a desire to hang all kinds of flower pots, bamboo shades, hummingbird feeders, bird houses and God-knows-what-else - I opted to boost the roof beams.

Even boosted high, it gives great shade, or at least it did for the Easter soiree that Anne hosted.

But now that I have built one, I can see great possibilities for the lake cottage or even our house in Watkins Glen.

Custom designs, of course.

In between setting posts and banging nails, we did squeeze in visits with Jen and Scott Noble, Sanders and Pat Lamont and our gracious hosts and friends, Pam DiTomasso and Steve Lovotti.

Not enough time to visit with anybody, but we will be back in October on our way to Mexico for the winter...

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