April 19, 2012

Springtime-about-to-be summer in Watkins Glen

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - Admiral Fox and I arrived here a week ago, bleary eyed from a red-eye Jet Blue flight from Sacramento but happy to be home after a three-plus month absence that included our Mexico adventures and then a wonderful two weeks in Sacramento visiting daughter Anne and granddaughters Sami and Kami. We stayed with and amigos Pam and Steve, who were kind enough to put us up at their house.

We also got in a short visit with Scott and Jen Noble, who are heading here to NY this summer.

At first here in the northeast, we were greeted with sort-of normal weather (highs in the 50s), but since then, we have had full-on spring that seems to shift to summer for a few hours nearly every day.

Monday, it was 85 degrees and people were out on the lake in their boats.


It put the pressure on me to get cracking on gardening sort of stuff, and so Wednesday I rounded up some seeds, fresh soil, and a bunch of those biodegradable pots that you plant right in the garden as soon as the seeds sprout.

So here's a question: I planted cilatro, pear tomatoes, eggplant and squash yesterday afternoon and there's not a single plant sprouted yet.

What's up with that?

Not a sprout in sight - yet
In the meantime, I am struggling to make time to write as I constantly hear the siren's song of the lake calling.

We have a spectacular view of Seneca Lake now - thanks to tree-cutter extraordinaire Paul Mapes of Elmira. He chopped down a street across the street (our neighbor said it was ok) and suddenly we can see the other shore quite nicely.

And then there are our kayaks, patiently waiting for me to put away my iPad or computer keyboard and head down the river south into a swampy area filled with wonderful birds and wildlife. And not a single crocodile like we had in Arroyo Seco.

But for now, perhaps I should either go outside and catch a few rays of sunshine (another gorgeous day it seems) or I can finish a story I started last week that just needs a few touches.

I think outside is going to win.

My comfortable chair for catching some sun

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