May 5, 2012

An asparagus-filled afternoon at the 'Asparaganza'

INTERLAKEN, New York, USA - It was a spur-of-the-moment idea - barrel over towards Cayuga Lake to the Good Life Farm for its Asparaganza festival, a fiesta celebrating, well, asparagus, plus lots of other great stuff: music, wine and plenty of non-asparagus treats and activities, too.

With this batter, carp would taste good
We met up with brother-in-law David and his amiga Caryn there. It was a mini-family reunion while we shared a bottle of Red Newt reisling (excellent, by the way) listened to a local band and ate some fantastic deep-fried asparagus.

I think the secret to the asparagus tasting sooo good might have been the batter. But still...

The accordion was a nice touch for the Trumansburg-based group Toivo

The Good Life Farm is one of many places I need to spend more time. They grow all kinds of non-asparagus foods, have their own wood lot and the place just feels, well, like home. I didn't get a chance to meet the folks directly involved in the operation of the place. Maybe next time we cruise through Interlaken.

LINK: The Good Life Farm - check it out...

At the Asparaganza, there were also more children in one place than I have seen anywhere around this part of New York outside of a schoolyard. And lots of the children were very young, running around like, well, kids.

The weather even cooperated with sun, light breezes and temperatures in the 70s.

Life is good it seems, at the Good Life Farm.

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