May 12, 2012

First kayak expedition of the season a success - and no splash

GLEN CREEK, Watkins Glen, NY - Getting into my kayak is never a problem. Getting out? Well...

But today's first-of-the-season trip from the launch area at Clute Park, up Glen Creek and then past the rustic Watkins Glen Yacht Club ended without the customary splashing I am used to.

End of the line, without walking
And because I couldn't find my water shoes this morning, it was especially complicated climbing out of the kayak, even at the low docks. But I made it.

My shoulders are a little sore, but I was rewarded with calm water to paddle on, even if the wind was stiff out of the south. Next trip, besides water shoes, my binoculars and cooler (for hydration beverages) I need to remember an umbella.

An umbrella?

Si, the umbrella makes a great sail when heading downwind.

Up Glen Creek, I paddled as far as I could, running aground probably just 300 yards of so from the main channel.  I wasn't interested in any portaging in case there were some pools farther up where the kayak might have floated.

Unlikely eagle
Still, I saw lots of birds, a few fish, but not a single crocodile as I probably would have in Mexico. They make kayaking there quite interesting.

Two of the birds seemed at first like they might be eagles. But on closer inspection, I believe they are actually vultures. I made sure I kept moving so they didn't get any ideas. They did not like having their pictures taken, either.

My kayak and the Admiral's are safely (we hope) locked in the new rack at the Watkins boat ramp, barely a five-minute drive from our house. When the Admiral gets back from Zumba this morning, I'll see if she's up for a tour of Glen Creek.

Maybe she'll be able tell what kind of birds those vulture-eagles are.

The new kayak racks

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