September 30, 2008

Establishing a routine - while riding a roller-coaster

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - A week ago, we thought that once our new pickup truck was purchased - the truck we bought this past Friday to drag a yet-to-be-located travel trailer south to Mexico in a few months - everything would stabilize into something of a routine until December..

You know: Get up. Go to work. Come home. Eat dinner. Play some music. Watch a movie.

Good luck.

The Admiral's jury duty has thrown what nearly passed for a routine totally out of whack.

And moments ago, as she was wheeling to the courthouse on her bicycle for her second day as Seven of Twelve on the jury, her bike brakes locked up and she had to quickly grab a ride with an amiga, while I repair the bike this morning. She had to spike her brakes to avoid being hit by a car roaring through a red light. Yikes!

We have kept part of a routine even with that. Sunday was Farmer's Market Day (the refrigerator is full of fresh fruit and vegetables) and no matter how crazy, the Admiral and I seem to make it to the Capital Athletic Club each day, the Admiral for a workout on the machines; I jump in the pool and make thrashing motions, approximating swimming.

And tonight - after teaching column writing - I will be taking a ukulele class with the same fellow who was my uke teacher last fall. He lives in our co-housing complex - actually about 150 feet from where I am writing this. I'm bringing a song I've been practicing (Chunder in the Old Pacific Sea) for he and the other two uke players to work on with me.

Yes, chunder is an Australian expression for losing the contents of your stomach.

No, the song isn't gross... Really!

The Admiral and I have a whole songbook full of old sea chanties - like What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor? - we hope to play with amigos Sanders and Pat Lamont (the other members of The Four Headlamps), maybe even incorporate a few of those songs into our act, such as it is.

As soon as we get our routine going, anyway...

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