June 6, 2009

One week into summer and the boats are already set to go

VALOIS, New York, USA - Except for the cold weather, it was a very soft landing coming from subtropical Arroyo Seco, Jalisco, Mexico to here one week ago today. The house was clean, virtually everything worked okay, and already we have three boats ready to go.

Three boats?

Yes, three boats. We already had the Spirit of Louise pontoon boat, the Bud Boat (a gift from Mike Schamel several years ago. And two days ago we added a 16-foot fiberglass sailboat of which I am co-owner (and which is nameless, right now). The other owner is Jennifer Marshall, an amiga from Arizona who comes to Seneca Lake summers and who last year told me she wanted to learn how to sail but needed to buy a boat and find someone to teach her and ...

Somehow, that all translated into us purchasing a boat together, and voila, we now have a boat.

Sailing in under jib alone
Sailing in to shore under jib alone

I took the ship on a quick trip today to shake down everything. I think we may have purchased a very fast boat. The wind was almost non-existent and yet the boat scooted along at 5 mph. I checked the hull thoroughly for poltergeists, but it seems clean.

Since my last cranky blog post from the Philadelphia Airport, I have to admit that we have had nothing but good experiences - even with various officialdom sorts of persons. In one instance, we had to go to the Schuyler County clerk's office to look up some information and one of the workers dropped everything to help us for nearly and hour.

And on private side, our amigo Bill Tague sold us a car and has been laboring mightily for several days to fix every little thing. It's another Jeep, though not nearly as nice as last year's version. Still, it will get us through the summer and someone here is likely to get a heck of a deal on it when we sell it in August.

The hot tub is full (and hot) the wine locker full (and cold) and the rest of things seem to be falling into place before the first of several waves of amigo visitors arrives in a few days.

And we now have three boats to choose from for voyaging, if the weather cooperates and we get more summer days.

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PugSuperStar said...

Hey Mike, glad to hear all the boats are in the water and the house is doing well. Looking forward to seeing you July 4th weekend. Maybe you Bear and I can go fishing again? That last part was half in jest. Carl