November 25, 2009

Admiral Fox celebrates a 'Wicked' birthday in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., USA - A planned road trip to Las Vegas and parts east of us in Sacramento was canceled last week in favor of a much-shorter trip to the San Francisco Bay Area to celebrate Adm. Fox's birthday.

And as part of that celebration, we went to see the stage show 'Wicked' at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco, a musical that is, well, very musical and a delight.

Yes, I said it was a 'delight.' Yes, I tell my students not to say stuff like that.


Teal Wicks
A Young Wicked Witch of West

The days in Oakland and San Francisco involved enough hiking to make any Sierra Club member proud, enough fine dining (read $$$$$) sufficient to make the American Express credit card folks extremely pleased, and plenty of side adventures such as renting a three-wheeled car to tool around city streets for an hour or so.

The cars are actually three-wheeled 50cc motorcycles with a fiberglass car body on top of them. And they go about as fast as you would expect a 50cc motorcycle with a fiberglass car body on them to go. The cars are powered by Vespa engines.

Enough said?

We must have cut quite the image because at several stoplights along the Embarcadero in San Francisco, people shouted out 'nice ride.'

Indeed it was.

Gentlemen, start your engines
Gentlemen, start your engines

Back home safe in Sacramento this afternoon (after a side trip to Sausalito to check on the harbor and to have breakfast at the Lighthouse Restaurant), the Admiral and I are talking about how to quickly wind down the semester at the university while simultaneously packing and getting ready for our escape, er, I mean trip, back home to Mexico.

And Admiral Fox has her countdown calendar up and running - on her ITouch, of course.

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