August 18, 2012

Inergy protest in Watkins Glen draws more than 200 people

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - A rally in Watkins Glen - against the proposed Inergy propane storage project - drew more than 200 people Friday who heard heated speeches and then took their protest to the streets of downtown Watkins Glen in a march that drew a lot of interest from local residents and tourists.

Inergy - a Missouri-based corporation - wants to store propane and natural gas in salt caverns in the Town of Reading, just north of Watkins Glen. Opponents have a detailed litany of safety issues with the proposal, few of which have been addressed by local or state officials.

Opponents also believe that the facility would be a disaster for the rapidly growing - and successful - tourist industry.

As a nice capstone to the many issues already uniting the protesters, Inergy went to the state Supreme Court this past week to demand that its property tax bill be cut in half - while simultaneously touting all the fiscal advantages the surrounding area will enjoy if the project is approved.

Those fiscal advantages would likely include having to lay off local schoolteachers and police.

It seems the concept of cognitive dissonance is alive and well in Missouri at Inergy.

The best stories about the protest came out of the Corning Leader, written by Derek Ek and the Odessa File.

Here are the links to those two pieces:

Odessa File story and photos
Corning Leader article and photos

Also here are photos of the rally, and a short video:

Sandra Steingraber (photo by Sylvia Fox)

Elaine Mansfield

Gas Industry photographer 'covering' the rally


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