November 1, 2013

The Fracking War WRFI FM radio interview is posted

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - Posting the audio from my radio interview with Bob Fitzsimmons Tuesday on WRFI-FM Watkins Glen-Ithaca seemed like it would be easy.

I took my Olympus DS20 digital recorder into the studio, flipped it on for the entire 27 minutes of chat and then flipped it off.
Tuesday's interview at WRFI-FM in Ithaca, NY

That truly was the easy part.

Back at my home office/studio, the software to move that digital recorder sound file onto my Mac was so outdated it wouldn't run at all. And attempts to update and/or find a new package didn't work.

For nearly two days of on-again, off-again attempts, it didn't work.

Finally, I did it the old fashioned way, using a microphone, Apple's garage band software, and iTunes.


But make that easily accessible for a mass audience proved complicated, too.

Consequently, a link to a recording of the interview is posted below. The link takes you to a YouTube video. It seemed like the easiest way to post it. Unfortunately, I only had a single still photo - and no video - of what turned out to be a great conversation.

Regardless, it was the first stop on The Fracking War book tour, and fun.

Here's the link to the video/sound recording: WRFI Interview

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