August 3, 2007

Lake days and work days in August - Part Deux

VALOIS, New York, USA - The heat broke last night with a fabulous thunderstorm, but this morning the great plumbing project was still there, and still waiting for another afternoon/evening of work.

The big job - tunneling under a concrete walkway - was yesterday's challenge, which brother Dan was already attacking when we came back from a few hours of scooting around in the Spirit of Louise.

Dan in the trenches
Dan in the trenches

It was definitely not a one-man job and so the Admiral and donned our trenching outfits and, well, dug in. Earlier in the day, I had spent three hours with cutters, electric saws and other implements of destruction, ridding a section of the ditch of tree roots that would make laying pipe dicey. And I had looked at this section of sidewalk, hoping, (Hoping!) that Dan had a secret plan for getting under there without, well, crawling on our hands and knees and digging like prison inmates in a 1940s B movie.

He obviously did not have a secret plan, so we talked like George Raft and Humphrey Bogart while we dug.

Tunnelling thru the concrete
Tunneling under the sidewalk

Sawing thru the roots
Sawing through tree roots

What makes all this work worthwhile is the other part of the day - the part spent out careening around on the lake, stopping at various docks to see folks and getting into the increasingly warm water. Yesterday the water seemed a few degrees warmer than it had been even the day before. Granted, we were in closer to shore tied to a dock, but still... I stayed in for at least a half-hour, bobbing around and enjoying an escape from the 90+ degree temperatures.

On Ruth Bills' dock
Admiral and Ruth staying cool in the shade

Enjoying the lake
Roger takes a bikini-clad crew out water skiing

It's back to the trenches this afternoon, but not until we take another spin on the boat, perhaps up the lake this time along the cliffs where the water is so deep you can drive you boat (or a pontoon boat anyway) practically right up on shore.

Cliffs of Seneca Lake
Unbuildable here, but in California, there would be condos

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