August 23, 2007

The lawn, at least, seems to like these rainy days

VALOIS, New York, USA - The cold spell that has plagued us for the past few days is over, with humidity bumping way back up and temperatures in the 80s.

Tomorrow and Saturday, they are talking about maybe 90 degrees - and 90 percent humidity.

Can you spell s-t-i-c-k-y?

But with the humidity has come some incredible downpours which are making the grass I planted (over the Great Trenching Project) grow up very fast.

New lawn
Two-week-old grass

The colder weather - and now the rain - has also encouraged our outside animal friends to become inside animal friends. And I don't mean just Arnold the Wonder Dog. When we came home from the store yesterday afternoon, we found the fellow below perched in the kitchen. It seems, however, that he had been snacking on what he thought was food under the sink.

It was not food.

Dead mouse
Sr. Mouse passed quietly in the kitchen

I flipped the poor critter's carcass up in the garden, on top of the hole through which the yellow jackets seem to be coming and going. I wanted to give them a little preview of what I have in store for those little biting %&W&$*^()^((**&^%% later this week.

Which reminds me, I neglected to include a shot of the burning piles in my last entry that gives you a little better angle on how hot - and fast - the fires burned.

Hot, hot, hot
Hot, hot, hot

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