August 27, 2007

Packing up and getting ready for return to Sacramento

VALOIS, New York, USA - The morning was spent putting together a box of clothes and assorted 'lake' things to ship back to Sacramento.

Saturday we fly out of Syracuse, dodge the normal afternoon thunderstorms at JFK Airport, then fly cross-country to Sacramento.

Unlike last year - when I was chair of our faculty senate - this year I have my four classes to teach and no other responsibilities. Well, we are getting ready to go to Mexico to build a house, but without university politics, I suspect my blood pressure will be right where it is supposed to be and my almost thawed frozen shoulders will continue to defrost.

God, please let me boogie board in Mexico in January.

School  days
My academic role model for this year

Another thing that will be different this year, too, is the dress code. In years past, I would don the suitcoat and tie for the first week of class, a ritual to impress the student legions that I was serious.

This year, the standard dress will be khaki shorts, golf shirts, and my ever-faithful Clark sandals. In fact, I bought three new pairs of shorts at the Famous Brands store here in Watkins Glen last week.

Just like the kids, I had to buy some school clothes.

We do have one more major Seneca Lake adventure planned - a 30+ mile boat trip with Cousin Roger to Geneva, weather permitting. We have wanted to do it all summer and Tuesday looks like the perfect lake day to do it.

Given that Roger's boat can do better than 60 mph, it should be a great trip.

Lake view
We will miss the campfires and lakeview this fall

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