August 28, 2007

Up the creek sans a paddle, and very carefully

BREAKNECK CREEK, Valois, New York, USA - The creek just up in back of the house is called, appropriately, Breakneck Creek, and it's an annual rite of passage for us to challenge the creek, to climb to at least to one really neat swimming hole a half mile in, where, despite 60-degree water, we usually take a quick dip.

This year we were stopped one waterfall short of that swimming hole by moss that is slippery as, well, that substance that was running out of my nose last week. Even with good water shoes I couldn't make it up without landing on my butt. And so, the intrepid explorers had to settle for lesser swimming spots.

Dangerous crossing
Admiral makes a dangerous crossing

Ironically this year the water is lower - and running slower than in the past - which might account for all the slippery rocks and moss. Last year we were able to bound up the creek pretty easily; this year we walked like we were afraid of breaking bones.

Hmm... Could it be this 5x12 birthday I have coming up next summer?

One member of the expedition who had a great time was Arnold the Wonder Dog, who has been pretty bored around the house, mostly patrolling to keep all the squirrels, chipmunks and occasional woodchucks from having much of a presence.

Arnold got surprised a few times as he wandered up the creek, jumping where he thought the water was a few inches deep only to find that it was well over his head.

Arnold on patrol
Arnold tests the waters

But even without making it to the 'big pool' we did make it to some of great spots along the way, including a small wading pond where, unfortunately, the Admiral slipped on a rock and managed to injure her already injured leg (from the yellowjacket incident). It meant no yoga today for her - but the boat ride to Geneva is still on with Cousin Roger.


Shallow wading pool
Admiral ponders going wading

Very young creek resident

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