March 5, 2008

Road construction at Tenacatita Beach - hurray!

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - Construction on the road leading to our beach lot began this week, with great progress made already by an impressive bulldozer taking out everything in its way. At one point, we ran for the car when we realized we were in its path.

The construction crew had to cut through a guard rail and bring the road down off the highway - a much simpler process in Mexico than the U.S.

By late Tuesday, the bulldozer was approaching our lot and by tonight, I expect the hard-pack to be done so we can drive in legally. (In the past, we've had to cross several lots on an unofficial roadway.)

Progress on Tenacatita Road
Progress on the road

Entrance to Tenacatita property

Captain Sanders Lamont and I also spent some time walking the lot and decided to put the driveway on the south side, a logical spot (we think) and running all the way to the far end of the property where there is a natural flat spot with a view of the ocean that is killer. If plans work out (this is Mexico), the Grey Goose Express could be parked on the lot within a few weeks, with a nice palapa/ramada shading it.

Pat on Admiralty Beach
Pat Lamont on Admiralty beach

The beginning of the road project called for a celebration, of course, and so we scurried over to the Fiesta Americana restaurant where the rollo de mar and shrimp were delicious, as usual. We also saw some crabs crawling along the beach that were obviously not intimidated by the fact that their cousins were being boiled, fried and steamed on a few yards away.

Crabby on the beach

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