November 9, 2008

Photo of actors from 'Leave It to Beaver'

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - A longtime friend sent me the photo below, with the title:

I don't care how young you feel, this hurts

Eddie Haskell, Beaver Cleaver, Wally Cleaver
Eddie Haskell, Beaver Cleaver and Wally Cleaver
(from the TV show, Leave It to Beaver)

It reminded me how most people would say they feel 10-20 years younger than their real ages. When I hit the big 6-0 this year, it was, well, startling. I try not to dwell on it.

The amigo who sent along this bit of joy on a Sunday morning is Tom Balmer, who I worked with at the Petaluma Argus-Courier in the mid-1970s. Tom was a photographer, I was a reporter and later editor.

And we were young. Sooooo young...

But that's for another blog post.

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