November 7, 2008

Spanish in the morning means Mexico can't be that far off

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - In a dream last night, I was having a conversation with my amiga (and neighbor) Azucena in Arroyo Seco about where to plant some palm trees and whether her husband, my amigo Chon, could help.

And we were doing it all in Spanish - a sure sign that my mind is drifting east and south, muy rapido.

Chon and Chena
Chon and Chena

The weather in Sacramento is not helping me stay focused on Northern California zip codes, either.

In the last week, the temperatures have plummeted, forcing me to, gasp, wear long pants instead of shorts. Last fall, I wore shorts right through until we headed out of the driveway. This year, the 45-degree mornings convinced me that I should be wearing something warmer.

The other thing not helping is moving my Mexico photos from one computer to another. They are like old friends, and, of course, many of the photos are of friends.

Think about being cold and looking at the photo below.

How many days until the Admiral and I are in Mexico?

Beach at Boca de Iguanas
Beach at Boca de Iguana, north of La Manzanilla

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