November 3, 2008

The plans for downtown Arroyo Seco lot starting to take shape

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - A whirlwind weekend of weddings and social events resulted in two major accomplishments:

First, our tiny house in downtown is spotless, as we had company Sunday and had to fight through the debris to find the hardwood floors and tabletops. (Notice how flat surfaces attract things?) The house is our only staging ground for all of the stuff we want to take to Mexico in December, plus all the normal clutter from life. (Where are my car keys?)

But more important Sunday was looking over the sketches drawn by Admiral Fox this past week for our downtown lot in Arroyo Seco and getting input of our guests, Lynn and Suzanne & Randy and Karin. The four of them pored over the Admiral's pencil site plan and after about an hour, voila! We believe we now have at least a skeleton of plan which should make the Arroyo Seco lot a very functional, comfortable place to live.

And visit, too, of course.

Lynn and Suzanne & Randy and Karin bought a lot in Arroyo Seco in May, right after the Admiral and I departed for New York. So as neighbors (vecinos) they have a special interest in what we do, and us in their property development.

While I don't want to reveal exactly all of what the plans show, let me throw out one idea that seems to be catching on for the proposed guest units: hanging beds.

I can't make this stuff up.

Ocean view near Arroyo Seco
Ocean view from Arroyo Seco hillside

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