May 6, 2009

Forget H1,N1 virus, how about a dog with 'ehrlichia'?

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - While the H1N1 virus was all the rage, (the malady-formerly-known-as-swine-flu), we were battling our own disease issues with El Capitan, the dog the Admiral and I have been trying to nurse back to health for several weeks.

Sunday, as the world was coming to the conclusion that just maybe it had gotten a little carried away with the potential danges of H1N1, Capitan was projectile-sneezing bloody clots across the palapa and causing a cleanliness crisis.

But three shots from Rocio the vet later, plus other medicines and, of course, a little dinero for various treatments, and we thought El Capitan had a chance to beat a very bad disease called ehrlichia.

We're not so sure today.

Capitan - very tired
A very tired Capitan

Yesterday afternoon, the nosebleeds started again, and with the assistance of Chon, we were able to get an anti-bleeding shot into the Capitan. He wasn't very happy about the shot (Capitan, not Chon), and the various antibiotics don't seem to agree with him as much as other medicines have.

Then last night and all day today, Capitan made a kind of a gurgling sound and seemed to have some problems swallowing.

And then the top of his head erupted with its own bleeding patch - without even being touched.

Capitan cut, up close
Capitan's cut, up close

Capitan's bloody nose
Capitan's bloody nose

The bleeding on El Capitan's head is from a wound that suddenly appeared while the Admiral had Capitan out for a stroll. It has already started to heal, but the spontaneous 'bleeding out' has us worried that El Capitan is going into a serious relapse. He was near to bleeding out when we first treated him three weeks ago. His entire body was covered with barely healing scabs.

Serious relapse of not, El Capitan trotted off the property earlier this evening in the company of his owner who had come by with some fruit for us as a present. He seemed happy to go home with her, despite the good food and drink we provide him here at the Pink Flamingo.

If he comes back here tonight to sleep right outside our bedroom door - which he might - we will be ready for another evening of listening for his gurgling sounds.

And, I suppose, waking up with a sense of dread if the gurgling suddenly stops.

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Jenn said...

Poor puppy. I hope something can give him the relief he deserves.