September 13, 2009

An afternoon at a softball luau with jury duty ahead

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - The Admiral and I spent a couple of hours at a luau this afternoon/evening in Roseville, a fundraiser for the softball league that granddaughter Sami plays in.

The mai-tai drinks were, well, industrial strength and we would have liked to sample the food, too. But the line for the food looked like it would take 45 minutes for us to chow down on pork, chicken and rice, so we opted out to go home for dinner.

And dinner at home, cooked by roommate Suzanne, was fabulous. (Still, a third mai tai might have been good, too...)

Luau greeting committee
Luau greeting committee

Steve and Nicole
Son-in-law Steve (Sami's dad) with Nicole at the luau

The party atmosphere was great, helped by a cooling trend of temperatures that brought the usual 90-degree days down to about 75, perfect luau weather, even if I didn't have a true Hawaiian shirt to wear.

Instead, I wore a T-shirt I got in Mexico for the Banderas Bay Sailboat Regatta from a few years ago which seemed festive enough to fit in with the decor and the rest of the attendees. Most of attendees were young families with players on the teams. But the rest of us more senior citizen types enjoyed watching our grandchildren at the party, too.

Luau scene
Luau scene

Granddaugther Kami at the luau

Monday morning I head off to the courthouse to report for jury duty. A far cry from the mai tai drinks and pulled pork dinners of today.

But, justice must be served.

I guess.

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