February 7, 2010

Move over Saints and Colts for a Super 'futbol' Sunday in Arroyo Seco

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - This Sunday morning was unusually noisy with truckloads of families loading up chairs and supplies and kids in a frenzy of activity rarely seen on the one day a week that Mexico takes a break.

And the trucks were all headed away from the beach - not towards it - where for the last two days, most of the town had been fishing at the open laguna and having a wild time.

Today though, they were headed for the soccer field (400 yards from the Pink Flamingo) where the young guys were going to play the older guys from the rancho.

What a show! Move over Saints and Colts.

soccer match spectators
Spectators at Sunday's futbol

There weren't any television cameras, commercials, halftime shows or political commentary. But there was plenty of food and plenty of beer around.

Families set up tables at which to eat - and sometimes sell - food and drink. And nearly all the young boys kicked around their own soccer balls in the fields behind the nets to get ready for their turns in future years to play against their older brothers and fathers. And yes, boys. Not a soccer ball was launched by any of the many girls watching.

Several neighbors asked me to head out onto the field to join one team - and not the one with young guys :-(

As luck would have it, I didn't have proper footgear and was able to beg off - though I did boot the ball back onto the field a couple of times when it was out of bounds where we were standing.

(SPECIAL NOTE TO CAPTAIN: Always carry chairs when headed to any event in Arroyo Seco.)

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