February 20, 2010

When the rain clears, time to head to beaches - again

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - After a torrential rainstorm Thursday night, we headed for the beaches Friday to dry, so to speak.

The rain and thunderstorm was spectacular for about an hour, but the muddy mess it made, quite unwelcome. We did weather it better than the last onslaught which lasted several days.

Still, the rain has made the area sooooo lush and green it is amazing. So are the mosquitos, amazing, not lush and green.

We loaded up the Tundra and the quad and headed to a small protected swimming beach at the south end of Playa Grande where CEO Laura said she saw only a single stingray in the water near the rocks .

One is enough for me, single or married.

Beach camp
Randy, Karen, Sylvia and Laura at Beach Camp Bravo

Geordie with a fish
Neighbor Jordie lands a Forel at Playa Grande

Mia says, Say What
Princessa Mia says, Say what?

Video: At the beach

Video: Rain again?

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