February 6, 2010

Days of wet weather opens up the laguna in Arroyo Seco

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - We heard the excitement in the village a day ago as several pickups roared out of town towards the lagoon that borders the south end of Playa Grande.

People in the trucks were shouting that la laguna was open and spilling water out into the ocean and wanted us to come and see.

In years past, we've seen the lagoon open to the north and while it has been interesting, this just didn't seem to merit roaring down the dirt road to get there in a big hurry.

We were wrong.

The lagoon opened up to the south this time, and blew through a 10-foot high sand berm to do so. There must have been an incredible amount of water from the lagoon in back to push that much sand out of the way to open it up. And, of course, there might have been some human assistance.

Either way, it was impressive seeing the water pouring out.

Laguna water rushing out
Water from the lagoon rushing to sea

What had people in the village sooooooo excited was the fishing at the mouth of the lagoon. It was (and still is as I write this) nothing short of fabulous. And the fish were going in both directions, some getting caught but most swimming to safety.

While standing on the bank, we saw people catching three-foot long fish, and we could also see large fishing swimming upstream, perhaps to spawn.

Families with children were working with nets, dragging in big hauls. It was a fiesta grande for everyone.

Laguna nets
Netting fish

Swirling waters and fish
Swirling waters, full of fish

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