September 5, 2012

Anti-hydrofracking, anti-Inergy forces ramping up the pressure

HECTOR, New York, USA - The people opposed to hydrofracking for natural gas  - as well as those folks who think the proposed Inergy propane storage and transportation depot is too awful to even contemplate - all gathered Sunday for a combination political convention/concert called The Big Splash.

Newest Inergy's drill site on the shore of Seneca Lake
The Big Splash had music, speeches, bumper stickers, handouts, food and good drink provided by wineries and breweries.

And the weather was glorious, just glorious for more than a 1,000 people who came to the Hector Volunteer Fire Department grounds for the event.

The Big Splash was actually Big Splash II. Last year the event was a big success, also.

The energy of the people at the event was reminiscent of the march that was held in Watkins Glen recently to protest the Inergy project. Inergy is already drilling wells to store natural gas from the Marcellus Shale and this summer accidentally dumped thousands of gallons of brine water (salt water) into Seneca Lake.

More protests can be expected very soon.

*subject2change Media was on scene and made two videos: one focuses on three speeches, the second is a video of Brett Beardslee giving a talk and then performing an antifracking song he recently composed.


Diane said...

I pass these posts along to my eco and political groups. Today, I have friends chained to a fence outside Watkins Glen. You may want to go and record them.

Diane said...