September 12, 2012

From Watkins Glen to Sacramento, via Philadelphia and Phoenix

SOMEWHERE OVER ARIZONA AT 35,000 FEET - Admiral Fox and I left our Watkins Glen casa at about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday for a quick drive to the Elmira Airport where we hopped the first of three flights to get us to Sacramento.
And much to my surprise, the first plane was a prop plane - a Dash-8, a nice enough plane, but.
A prop plane? Hoo-boy.

Still, we got on (after gate checking our bags) and bounced our way safely to Philadelphia. We didn't talk much - hard to over the sound of those two engines whining right outside the window.
But it was in Philadelphia where things got a little tight.
We had to catch a shuttle from Terminal F to Terminal A - with about a 35-minute window to catch our connector to Phoenix. And the shuttle line was long and moving with the speed of a glacier (a growing glacier, not the kind that are melting...)
Santa Crappo, we thought, can we make it?
But we made it to the gate just as they were boarding the last four passengers (us among them) and wedged ourselves into middle seats. The flight was only about 4 hours, but I managed to somehow cramp up my left leg enough that it still hurts as we hurtle along towards Sacramento.
I just started reading the classic book, "The Monkey Wrench Gang," a book recommended to me by Adm. Fox and some other folks. It made the four hours go by very fast, just wish it had reminded me to stretch a few times.

Our time in Sacramento will be short - just until Sunday when we head out to LAX for our 10.5 hour trip to Fiji, followed by another 1-hour flight to our destination: the Kingdom of Tonga.
Then the next morning, we have to roll out very early to catch an inter-island flight from Tonga to Vava/u, our final destination for the sailing regatta and festival that drew us halfway across the globe.
From that point, it's whale watching, island tours, fiestas, snorkeling, sailing, followed by more whale watching, more tours, more fiestas, more snorkeling and more sailing.
OH! And somewhere in all that we will be prepping stories and taking photos and videos to write and post when we return to the U.S. in about three weeks.
I could get used to this travel writing.

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