September 28, 2012

Final daze of Regatta Vava'u in Kingdom of Tonga

VAVA'U, Kingdom of Tonga - The past two days were a blur of sailing, parties and, well, more sailing and more parties.

Interspersed in with that were also some informational sessions on protecting the beautiful marine environment here and cruising destinations.

The sailboat race Thursday night was an around-the-harbor affair that got quite competitive. We were able to hop on the committee boat with Martin Craig (base manager for Sunsail and The Moorings), along with amigo Jeff from Vava'u Adventures (the kart-adventure company). It made for an excellent platform for shooting photos.

But Friday was the big day with a longish race through the islands to Ano Beach where the Full Moon Party kicked when the cruisers were all safely anchored.

The captain and skipper of the sailing catamara Orcinius (Lisa Danger and John LeDoux, respectively) took us out on their vessel as a photo boat for that race. They kept the cat nice and flat while I shot video and Admiral Fox did her still photo work. Below is the finish line as Cirrus crosses it.

There were lots of surprises at the Full Moon Party - some of which I will write about later, but check out the structure in the water near shore that greeted everyone as they came in my dinghy.

Look familiar?

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