September 20, 2012

Off to see - and swim with - the whales

VAVAU, Kingdom of Tonga - Yesterday we took a cart tour (spelled Kart, here) around the island, seeing some beaches that are so beautiful, it's hard to believe they are real.

The carts (karts) were fun to drive, and in a few places we understood why they were equipped with roll bars.

Unfortunately, on the last leg home, the chain broke on our unit (which driving over a downed tree) and so we ended up getting towed home for the last few kilometers on a 10-foot tow rope.

A ten-foot rope isn't very long when you are going 30 miles and hour and the brakes on your kart are (as they say here) a little dodgy.

In a couple of hours, we head out on a motorized catamaran to swim with the whales and see some more of this island from the sea. The harbor is filling up fast with yachts for the RegattaVava'u that starts officially tomorrow.

Among the first events is a pub crawl, scheduled for the evening.

The sacrifices we make as journalists.

Below is a photo taken from the deck of our accommodations last night, a place called The Balcony.

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