February 19, 2009

School is out for winter, let the rest of the fun begin

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The Admiral left this afternoon to take son Dylan north to Puerto Vallarta where he will pick up his flight back to the U.S. tomorrow. He's a little more tan, a lot more relaxed, and convinced that his lunatic parents made a really good choice in deciding to settle in this part of Mexico.

We - the lunatics - totally agree.

Today was devoted to the longest stretch of sleeping this captain has taken in years, a total of 12 hours of shuteye from crashing last night until nearly noon this morning. (There were margaritas involved yesterday.) But then I had to finish version 1.2 of a movie for our Canadian amiga Laura Warner who put on such a great set of English classes for the village children last week that they are still talking about Senora Laura.

Class of 2009
Laura Warner and the Arroyo Seco Class of 2009

The movie is a chronicle of her class and stay, and in its final form should be a complete Fox-Fitzgerald Rockumentary.

At present, it only has three songs - long on the documentary part, short on the rock music. More music will be included in the final cut.

Barra Marina and lagoon anchorage
Barra de Navidad marina and lagoon

With the English classes over, the Admiral and I have shifted back into the go-to-the-beach mode, with side trips to places like Barra de Navidad, a touristy sort of place south of Melaque but very fun to visit.

We stayed at the marina in Barra several seasons aboard our sailboat Sabbatical, enjoying the great amenties of the hotel (pools, hot showers, great food, etc...). We took Hector, N.Y. amigos Mike and Karen Schamel there this past week to give them the tour, along with Cousin Ruth, whose daughters and significant others arrived this week for vacations.

Mike and Karen's daughter, Kathleen, was crew on our sailboat Sabbatical on those sojourns and loved the Grand Bay Hotel and Marina. We think she might love the Pink Flamingo, too.

Tenacatita sunset
La Manzanilla Sunset

Laura, Julien and the sunset
Julien and Laura on Playa Chica at Arroyo Seco

And the cold/pulmonia./cough stuff?

Better it seems, provided there's plenty of sleep involved. Which is why this blog ends right here...

Buenas noches, amigos.

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