February 6, 2009

Pulmonia update, and good news around The Pink Flamingo

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - I rolled up the highway to Careyes this morning to check in with Dr. Lupita about my pulmonia and lung infection. The good news is she is nearly sure the infection is probably wiped out. The bad news is that small percentage of doubt means another 5 days of Cefuroxima and an world-class expectorant.

The expectorant, tiny pills called Ambroxol, are potent. One pill had me coughing and hacking hard enough to make the bougainevilla cringe. I won't go into more detail except I will be required to ride with the car window down for a few days.

The doctor did tell me that my pulmonia was not caused by dust, but by an upper respiratory infection that decided to take up residence in my lungs. It could have even been the same infection I contracted in December in Sacramento from granddaughter Kami.

But I am officially off bed rest and officially returned to light duty: motorcycle riding, light duties in the yard, the occasional beer and a generous amount of hammock testing. The Admiral and I were supposed to go to Tenacatita Beach today for lunch, but are sitting waiting for the electrical company to install our second service.

Waiting in Mexico? You are kidding?

bano suite
The Admiral sweeps the completed showers & banos

The past few days has been marked by the sounds of silence - the workmen have left. The showers/banos project is done and with the solar hot water heater installed, there is plenty of hot water. Sometimes, it can be a little too hot, actually.

The only person left working (besides the Admiral and I) is the electrictian, a neighbor, who is doing our job in his off hours from a major project. If the Admiral can't plug in her new washing machine again today, Sr. Electrico better watch out for live wires and stray electrical currents.

Our tile maestro did an excellent job, adding the little touches chosen by the Admiral in just the right spots.

Dolphins at the Pink Flamingo
Dolphins dance at The Pink Flamingo

Next on the agenda for that area is to plant some small trees and flowers: a project our first set of guests is going to get to help with.

Me, I'm staying a little clear of the agave and Yucca plants and will let los invitados take care of them.

This morning I jabbed my calf with a Yucca and the blood spurted six inches. It took several minutes to stop the bleeding and I decided I don't like those spiney little bastards so much anymore. Perhaps they will find a home outside the compound.

We did get the washing machine going yesterday by running an extension cord for power across the property. And when the laundry was clean and hanging up, we truly looked like we fit in the neighborhood and are home.

Mexican scene
Getting the laundry dry the natural way

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