February 2, 2009

In Mexico, it's called 'pulmonia,' but it is still pneumonia

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - Four days ago I came home from nearby Manzanillo with the Admiral, the Tundra pickup heavily loaded with tiles, grout and adhesive for the banos and showers, a solar water heater - and a shiney new Honda Wave motor-scooter in the back, my contribution to supporting the Mexican economy.

The fact that the exchange rate for dollars to pesos is waaaaay high, swayed me to grab the bike, a unit I have had my eye on since last fall while the rains started in Sacramento.

MIchael on Honda at dealership
At the dealership - while the Admiral paid the bill

Unfortunately, by the next morning when I took my first ride, I had started to feel ill, which I completely attributed to overeating fish at amigo Mario's house, and possibly the two shots of tequila I downed on top of several beers with dinner. Mexico does not encourage moderation for some of us. I did drink some coconut milk that morning out on the ranch tended by our neighbor Chon. It helped at least for that day.

But by Sunday morning, the chills and fevers were bad enough that I resigned myself to heading to nearby Careyes which has a clinic and a doctor who is well respected. She checked me over and within minutes declared I had a lung infection for sure, and a some rattling consistent with pneumonia. The irony is that I have moved to the tropics, only to get a disease I associate with cold weather climates.

Go figure.

But three pills and doses into the medicine, I feel better - not good, but better. The antibiotic must be a whopper. I take a single pill and follow it with a nap for about two hours.

While I slept this morning, some good news was delivered - or perhaps assembled is a better expression. Our plumber and his son put together our solar water heater and promise to hook up the unit today or tomorrow.

Solar water heater means, well, solar-heated water for showers, provided the coconuts from my neighbor's trees don't come crashing down and wreck it. Hmm. Coconuts? They are hanging over my bodega. Perhaps there should be more coconut milk as part of my recovery plan.

Solar water heater from the front
Solar water heater

Solar water heater from the side
Solar water heater tubes

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Lorrie Alves said...

The La Manzanilla message board has posts from several others who contracted a similar illness. Some say it's from the dust caused by construction. Hope you are feeling better. My husband and I are coming to La Manzanilla for 9 days and looking forward to it!