January 27, 2009

All cement - and cement dust - all the time at the Pink Flamingo

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The banging, clanging, chipping and other noises too incredible to describe here continue to sing out daily. The concrete chipping started at 7 a.m. today, with the maestro building shelves in what will be a laundry utility room. He worked until 8 p.m. last night and if I had left the lights on, he would have worked all night.

Today, after all these projects have been looking like, well, just projects, they are coming together and seem near completion.

Even the electrician is wiring madly today - though our second electrical service meter isn't connected and no one seems to know when that will be.

Cocina project moves ahead
Floor for the outside cocina

Progress on showers and banos
The showers and banos actually have a roof

Yesterday, Lucky Dog and I climbed to the ridge behind The Pink Flamingo to see what it looks like this year from the heights. The various buildings and tent structures (and the trees) give it a nice bit of privacy, but the palapa still looks huge.

We visited another lot we own on the hill, discovering that it hasn't been cleared yet and the bugs, snakes (yes, snakes), and a hundred other skittering lifeforms were obviously distressed that we intruded on their lot.

We will hire someone to clear it this week and evict our non-paying natural tenants.

Pink Flamingo from the ridge
A view of The Pink Flamingo from the ridge to the southeast

My vecinos and amigos Chon and Kiko have been laboring for the past two days to build the floor of the cocina - a project I was going to do myself but was convinced by the Admiral that hiring them would be better.

As I see how strong they are building it, well, the Admiral had a good point. I would have done it much muy rapido, but with a weaker foundation. And even though it is a 'temporary,' floor, I remember from so many boat projects on Sabbatical that the temporary fix is sometimes in place for a long time.

Maybe years.

A side benefit to helping Chon and Kiko (I shovel, move bricks) has been being fed by Kiko, who was a chef in Napa before returning to the village a year or so ago. With Chon's wife Chena out of town, and the Admiral off in Vallarta, Chon said that Kiko (his nephew) has to cook.

Breakfast by Kiko
Breakfast by Kiko

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