January 17, 2009

Open 'Mike' night in Arroyo Seco a hit with children

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The Admiral and I had flirted with performing at Palapa Joe's tonight for the ever-popular open mic night, a repeat performance of the earlier few songs we performed this past November - all met with polite applause.

But after we spent the entire morning in La Manzanilla at the veterinarian's office, dealing with problems with Lucky the Dog (x-rays, exams, shots, etc...), we opted instead to spend a quiet evening in Arroyo Seco, away from the open mic.

It didn't work out quite that way.

While learning some Spanish from our vecino, Brianda, The Admiral dragged out our musical instruments and suggested we play a few tunes for fun. It was to be kind of a practice in lieu of our actually performing at Palapa Joe's.

What we did not realize, was that we would draw a crowd of village children, all of whom were curious about the music, our instruments and us. At one time, the palapa was crowded with young kids, until their parents made some loud pronouncements in Spanish, telling many of them to come home.

The concert in Arroyo Seco
A concert in Arroyo Seco

The violin played by the Admiral was the biggest hit, though the children loved my ukulele, too. They were not put off by the fact that all of my songs were in English, and that I could barely remember the chords. They also didn't get the punch lines, but laughed when I told them that what I was singing was funny.

Three of the lads who stayed until we were done, asked to be photographed with my ukulele. They all said they want to learn to play 'rock 'n roll.' Perhaps in addition to English classes this spring we should enlist the help of actor Jack Black, who once made a movie about a rock n'roll high school.

Jack Black
Jack Black in School of Rock

Guitar hero One
Guitar hero

Guitar hero two
Another Guitar hero

Guitar hero three
He said he loves Rock 'n Roll

The news about Lucky the Dog was not so good. Although he is getting stronger day by day, he has no feeling in his hips and back end. That means that whenever nature moves his bowels, his bowels, well, move.

The vet said that there is a slim chance the problem is an inflammation of his intestines. More likely, he suffered some nerve damage and won't ever regain control over his bowels.

That could be a problem. We are thinking we should issue all visitors and friends flip-flops immediately, as well as give instructions about how to walk about the property very carefully.

Very carefully.

Michael & Lucky
Michael with Lucky after his third x-ray

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