January 9, 2009

Construction chaos continues, but lots of progress

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - Every time I say that there is mucho progreso on our various ongoing projects, the maestro setting bricks for our new showers and bathrooms makes a joke about there being a lot of soup available and asks me if I want some.

He has a very good sense of humor and reminds me of the late Mexican comic, Cantinflas.

But our senses of humor have been stretched pretty thin by the constant sound of hammers chiseling, saws ripping tile and delivery drivers show up and asking for a few thousand pesos per visit. And they visit often.

But soon, the Admiral and I believe (we have to) that the bathrooms and showers will be done, the tile will be laid in the palapa and we can start to reclaim the property as our own before guests beginning arrriving in about 19 days.

Nineteen days! Jaysus!

Construction central in Arroyo Seco
Construction Central in Arroyo Seco

Tile floor almost done
The palapa floor is almost done

In and among the Arroyo Seco construction, I found time to head out to our Tenacatita beachfront lot to check on the progress of the fosa septica (it's done), as well as see if the view was as spectacular as I remembered it from last May.

It's not. It's more spectacular and it makes me want to put up a ramada or palapa for day use there. Since we now have electricity, too, the lot is very useable for anyone who wants to camp on it, too... Hmm... where is that tent we packed?

Tenacatita lot ready for - whatever
Tenacatita lot - ready for occupancy

In the meantime, Lucky the Dog's health has been improving poco a poco but he now leaves the compound to take short walks with us. His sore rear end is, well, still pretty sore, but he has demonstrated that he can be trusted around other dogs (no fighting, just a growl or two) and that he will not run away.

By why would he run away, he's got a pretty good deal here.

We've had Lucky as a roommate for about a week and it's time to give the dude a good bath.

That should prove interesting, now that he has most of his strength back.

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