January 25, 2009

An afternoon off - then three days of projects

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The Admiral and I took a lovely afternoon off at Tenacatita, then launched back into projects at the property, a Jan. 31, self-imposed deadline looming like April 15 for Americans.

Sorry about that reference.

January 31 is when Sylvia brother David arrives and a week later, son Dylan (with two amigos), cousin Ruth from Hector, New York and Laura from Calgary, Canada. Laura is going to be teaching English to a group of village children and the village children are vibrating, they are so excited.

Will the showers and banos be done? The maestro said the main part of that project would be done by next Tuesday. The Admiral says she wants to hear the sound of flushing toilets - soon.

Showers taking shape
A roof, a floor and then it will be 'voila'

As part of all the chaos, we were able to move the original Grey Goose Express back closer to its new brother (which we dragged down this year behind the Toyota Tundra). After getting the trailer close to its intended destination, we relied on pure Mexican muscle power to lift up the tongue and slide it into the parking spot.

And the miracle? Without touching anything, the GGExpress is sitting perfectly level in its semi-permanent home.

Moving the Grey Goose Express
Almost in place

RV park in the making
RV park in the making?

But the biggest improvement has been being able to use our now-tiled palapa, though it has taken the Admiral and I - with some young helpers - many washings and scrubbings to get it clean. This morning the Admiral gave it another mopping and it is starting to shine. She's nesting there, and loving it.

As it is Sunday, however, it's almost time to call time on the projects. The afternoon we are headed to the Grand Bay Hotel in Barra de Navidad to meet some sailing cruisers - and sit by the pool there.

They serve a great drink there called a 'ballena.'

It's on my agenda.

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