February 16, 2009

Laura's language school is over - but will return again

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - Our Canadian amigo Laura Warner ended up her all-too-brief stay here at the Pink Flamingo on Sunday, after a whirlwind week of teaching ingles to 30 (or more) village children and getting involved in the wedding Saturday night here in the village.

Friday morning - at the end of the last session - many of her young charges said they wanted her to keep teaching next week, and the week after, and the week after, and....

There was barely a dry eye among those of us who helped Laura with the class.

Julien with children
Julien gives a group lesson in English, French and Spanish

One of the helpers was Julien, a surfer who lives part of the year in Arroyo Seco, the rest in France where he works on high-rise buildings doing painting and window washing - on the outside. Despite the strenuousness of his French occupation, he told Laura that the time he spent teaching the children this past week was the hardest thing he had ever done.

This from a guy whose first language is French, Spanish is second and English third.

Julien has been helping nephew Nate to learn how to surf and will soon probably be giving some instructions to Ruth Bills' crew, arriving tomorrow, who will be staying in La Manzanilla, but who we expect to see a lot of in Arroyo Seco

Studying hard and trying to see the board
Trying hard to see the board - and the English phrases

The students worked very hard and although none of them will be giving any major addresses in English in the near future, it helped spark a lot of enthusiasm. We are cautiously planning on seeing how we can conduct some mini-classes in coming weeks and months. Prospective visitors be warned: you might be teaching un poco ingles.

The next few days are dedicated to reclaiming the property and cleaning up after have seven people around for a week. Everyone pitched in very well, but seven people is, well, seven people.

Oh, and Lucky the dog did his part to make life interesting, too.

Eager student
She says 'Good Morning' now, each day as she passes

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