March 16, 2009

The great 'Move The Palm' trees project gets underway

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - It's a holiday here - the president's birthday - but the crew that was set to move our palm trees from in front of the palapa Tuesday showed up early this morning and said, 'What the heck, why not do this today?'

That's a loose translation of what they really said in Spanish.

And so for the past few hours, four guys have been hard at work, digging the holes for the palms to be moved, and, as I write this, struggling with the well-established root systems of the eight palms.

Stubborn palm tree
Tree really likes it right where it is

The crew doing the work normally works for our neighbor Chon at a ranch he takes care of - the same Chon who vanquished the flea army that had invaded our property. Today we have all the gates open and when neighborhood dogs want to come in, he chases them with a vengeance.

No mas pulgas, he has been shouting. (No more fleas!)

The new palms to be planted out front are much larger and should give us both more privacy and dust control. And, as an added plus, they are unlikely to harbor scorpions.

The palms being moved to outside of our back wall, apparently can be scorpion condos. (And you wondered why the Admiral and I wanted them moved?)

Palms to be planted
The new palms to be planted out front

At work in La Calle
Digging the holes for the to-be-moved palm trees

Wanting to help - though not particularly interested in digging - I offered up our Honda quad, with its new cargo trailer attached, as a way to haul the trees the 200 or so feet from the front of the property to the back where the holes await.

But Chon's trusty handtruck has been called into service. Mas facil (easier) my neighbor Chon says.

With all the strong backs at work, perhaps it is.

Quad trailer ready to help
Quad and trailer ready to help

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PugSuperStar said...

Looking forward to hearing how the palm trees handle being uprooted and replanted.