March 12, 2009

Time with the grandchild in PV - and away from the dust

PUERTO VALLARTA, Jalisco, Mexico - The Admiral and I took a few days of 'vacation' from Arroyo Seco, coming to Puerto Vallarta to visit with Dustin and Cami, and of course, granddaughter Sasha.

Since we arrived, Sasha has mysteriously acquired a spiffy new high chair and a bouncy, jump thing that she sits in on the floor, getting lots of leg exercise.

She loves both, along with the 2009 version of what we used to call a Tommie Tipee cup, made for little ones to learn how to drink from a glass. As soon as she saw it, she grabbed it with the same enthusiasm as I do at Palapa Joe's when Willie plunks a Cuba Libre in front of me.

The Admiral came up a couple of days ahead of me, and in the interest of saving gasoline, I took a second class bus from Arroyo Seco to Puerto Vallarta.

The bus ride was fine, and very cheap (about $8 U.S.), but I forgot that I get extremely carsick when riding in buses.


Still, after an evening of recovery, it was good times again, even getting a little concert from Sasha and Cami.

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