March 17, 2009

The palm trees are planted and very, very thirsty

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The relocated palm trees and the new palm trees have all been safely tucked into the rich soil here, and now are screaming for water.

Ever hear a palm tree scream?

I haven't either, but they make me feel so guilty just looking at them. Neighbor Chon and I are hauling water and setting up a drip irrigation system. The big trees need a lot of water to survive the move and without it won't make it.

So today, we are dripping and hauling, hauling and dripping.

New palms on Calle Sin Nombre
Transplanted palms outside the back wall on Calle Sin Nombre

Palms inside of palapa
New palms inside the fence

After Chon and the workmen dismissed the idea of using the quad and trailer to haul the trees around, they moved a few with the handtruck and suddenly the quad and trailer were pressed into service to move the trees.

I learned from Chon that if you are hauling a very heavy load with a quad, be sure to go very slow and put the quad in 4-wheel drive. It's a lot easier on the engine and transmission.

Local knowledge saves the day here, every day.

quad pressed into service
Quad gets pressed into service

We also had a nasty surprise when moving two palms on the trailer side of the palapa - fleas. The workmen jumped around like they were doing a St. Vitus dance when they moved the last three woven straw mats we had on the property.

They sprayed the ground liberally with Raid and said the problem was solved. But after thinking about it for about, oh, 10 seconds, I hauled the mats out behind the wall, sprayed them with a good dose of diesel, and burned them (and any fleas and eggs, I hope).

Burn out the last of the fleas
Burning out the last of the flea army

All through the morning, Chon's youngest daughter Juliette stayed with me and helped move the quad around. She's almost big enough to start driving a quad and was eyeballing the controls a lot. But I think I will let her dad teach her how to drive a quad with his less powerful unit.

But if she asks me to drive our quad, well, it will be very hard to say no.

Juliette and a transplanted palm
Juliette with her favorite palm

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