March 17, 2009

The trees have their water and I needed some of my own

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - After a hour of drenching the transplanted - and planted trees - this morning, I rocketed into La Manzanilla because our Goddaughter Devani was sick.

Her mother Mimi had called me late last night and asked if I could come to the house today. The baby has been sick for several days and didn't seem to be getting any better. Even though Mimi's exact words were hard for me to understand, the tone was pure 'mom' when she called seeking help.

As someone who had pneumonia and now bronchitis for nearly six weeks, I suppose I am something of an expert - on the disease side anyway.

Devani two months ago

I checked her medications - which all look in order - and listened to her breathing. I recognized the wheezing because I am still struggling with the last vestiges of it. In a few days, Adm. Fox and I will make a foray back to see if the baby is better, or if we need to take her to a new doc.

Honda 2000 watt Generator
Honda generator

By noon, I was free and flying back up the highway to Arroyo Seco, finding when I got home that the power was out. I ran my trusty Honda generator for about an hour while I did some computer stuff and then decided to head to the beach instead of sitting around looking at all the things I needed to do here.

And when I got to the beach it was all mine, except for having to share it with a couple of flocks of birds. I had thought a swim was in order until I waded out to my knees.

Forget that 75 degree water of just a few weeks ago ... This felt like Seneca Lake in June. And I do not swim there in June.

Egrets on the beach
Egrets catching crabs in the sand

Pounding surf
Pounding surf - and cold

Rocks and ocean
Rocky outcropping

As part of my quad-to-the-beach adventure, I carried along my Flip video camera to do a test run to see what the video clips would be like from the seat of a bouncing Honda.

About what you expect, but still interesting.

Sorry there is no narration, but it was hard enough driving the quad with one hand while filming with the other without trying to talk.

But watch for a full-length video about Arroyo Seco (with dialogue and narration) this summer, in a living room near you, or maybe in your living room.


slamont said...

Nice ride to the beach and look at Arroyo Seco. Now give is a Flip video tour of Casa de Flamingos.

Michael J. Fitzgerald said...

I would, but that requires an Admiral's security clearance to allow the filming...