February 1, 2010

Rolling out early to watch the moon set on the ocean

PLAYA CHICA, Arroyo Seco, Jalisco, Mexico - Two days ago the Admiral and I rolled out early (early for me anyway) to zip down to the beach and watch the full moon set, while the sun peeked over the horizon behind us.

We've have been told it was the brightest moon of the year and it did live up to that description.

It also was the coldest ride I have had on the quad, maybe ever. Even in long pants and with a long sleeve shirt on I shivered on the one kilometer trip. No bugs in the air, though.

The trip was worth it and we even ran into our neighbor Martin out walking his two pooches, part of his daily exercise-on-the-beach routine. Martin's nickname in the village is Spiderman. No, I have no idea why and I don't think he does either.

setting moon
Setting moon on Playa Chica

Then yesterday we had one of those wild afternoons with a group of vacationistas from Hector, New York. Hector is where we live in the summer and it has many of the same characteristics as life here in Mexico. It's a little colder (ok, a lot colder), but the fun there is non-stop, too.


After a tour of Arroyo Seco and Playa Grande we zoomed over to Playa Chica for puesta del sol and margaritas.

Then it was back to the Pink Flamingo for cocktails and eventually dinner at Juanita's back downtown in Arroyo Seco.

Laura and Don Miguel look at the sunset
Laura and the Captain check out the sunset

Camp Hector South
Camp Hector New York, South

Pink Flamingo crowd
Drinks at the Pink Flamingo before dinner

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