January 25, 2010

A night of nights at Palapa Joe's open mic extravaganza

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - The open mic night at Palapa Joe's Saturday was not billed as an extravaganza, but it turned out to be one anyway.

The bar and restaurant were packed to overflowing a full hour before the first music set was to begin and the Palapa Joe's crew worked double time - make that triple time - to fill food and drink orders.

Even the sidewalk outside was filled from time to time with people wondering if they could come in and find a place to perch to listen.

As always, Jane Gorby (aka Lois Lane, for her work with the Guadalajara Reporter) introduced the acts and provided clever segues as musicians tried to set up their equipment and do sound checks. She jumped into the act herself with a reading.

The evening was as electic as it was fun, with poetry, ballads, Celtic music, drama and some rock 'n' roll thrown in.

When is the next open mic?

Watch the La Manzanilla message board, but it should be in about two weeks.

Bernardo the crooner
Bernardo croons a tune

Celtic trio at Palapa Joe's
Celtic trio got the crowd tapping its feet

Gabriela reads poetry
Gabriela de la Vega reads her poetry - in Spanish and English

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